Turn It Around Training – Specialists in Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI)

Who is TSI for? 




Turn-it-Around is committed to providing high quality structured training to organisations, staff teams and individuals. The training ensures that participants are equipped to support people who experience a range of disabilities.


Turn-it-Around Training has been delivering TSI courses to staff teams across the country since 2009. Both trainers have worked within Supported Employment and applied the techniques successfully. In addition they have experience in using TSI within services that promote independent living and general skill building.


Turn-it-Around challenges the dependency model and complacency that can surround service delivery. We empower and train participants to work in partnership with the people they support.

How does TSI help? 

TSI gives staff

a set of skills which enable them to teach tasks in a planned and structured way, to people who find it difficult to learn using traditional methods, particularly those who have a learning disability/autism.  

TSI ensures

positive outcomes/increased independence for people in work, home and community settings. 

TSI has

planning, monitoring and evaluating progress tools built into the system. 

Using TSI

allows a more balanced relationship between the person teaching and the person learning a task. 

What Others Say About US


I have found what I’ve learnt on this TSI course almost ‘life changing’ as it means I will have to re-set my thinking and way of working, training and supporting . Even though I have worked in further education for a number of years I have never had training so impactful / powerful.

January 2019

The trainers wealth of knowledge and experience provided a value filled 4 days.

October 2021

I have learnt so much that I cannot focus on one part alone as the best bit. This course will influence every interaction I have with the people I support in the future “

(People Matters, Leeds)

March 2022

Very well thought out course. I liked the way the course was layed out and loved the practical work. “ (Gateshead LA)

October 2021

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