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Turn-it-Around Training currently offer the following courses

An Introduction to Training in Systematic Instruction

Train the Trainers – Cascade training within organisations

Train the Trainers – full TSI course

An Introduction to Training In Systematic Instruction (TSI)

This is a four-day Introduction to TSI.  This course is aimed at

Any staff supporting people who find it difficult to learn using traditional methods of teaching

Course content

The course will equip staff with the skills and values needed to teach people with learning disabilities/autism, practical tasks within employment settings and areas of independent living.

The course covers the three central elements of TSI

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to the principles of Systematic Instruction.  
  • Have the opportunity to explore their own values as well as those underpinning TSI.  
  • Learn how to break down a task to create a task analysis.  
  • Be taught how to organise and plan their work so that their teaching is effective. 
  • Be taught a range of practical teaching techniques and how to use them 
  • Explore the nature of their role as a trainer, learning when and when not to intervene whilst ensuring the people they are supporting move towards independence. 
  • Get the opportunity to practice skills learned, with paid consultant learners (people who have a learning disability /autism). This element of the course is instrumental in consolidating the participants learning of TSI skills. 

Follow up day (optional) 

To ensure that learning has been turned into application, and build on rudimentary understanding having had the opportunity to apply it in their place of work. 


  • Participants will have increased confidence in applying TSI within their workplace.
  • Provide an opportunity to problem solve in a group setting and alongside trainers. 

Course information and frequently asked questions:

The course takes place over four consecutive days

The course is a practical course and so we believe it should take place as a face-to-face course

Turn it Around Trainers are able to deliver the training country-wide (UK)

We can train up to 12 people per course

Our pricing includes:

We will need organisations to:

Provide a suitable training venue

Arrange consultant learners for days 3 and 4 (people with learning disability/autism).  We will assist you with information for this.

Train the Trainer - Cascade Training within organisations

Sometimes it’s not possible for organisations to train all their staff in TSI.  We can offer training to staff who have completed the 4 day Introduction to TSI Course, so they can pass on some of the practical elements of TSI to colleagues who have a support role within the organisation.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Staff must have already completed a four day Introduction to TSI course
  • Have been actively using TSI for at least 4 months and can provide evidence of this.
  • Have been identified as willing and able to pass on some basic TSI techniques to support worker colleagues within their organisation.
It is useful to have at least 2 staff from an organisation to meet the criteria and be available to do the course together (needed to ensure peer support).
Contact us for further information and to discuss your organisations needs.

Train the Trainer - Full TSI Course

This course is recommended for anyone wishing to learn to deliver a full four-day TSI course either within or outside an organisation.  The Turn it Around Trainers have been delivering TSI since 2009 to hundreds to participants and organisations across the country, and are highly experienced to pass that information on.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Participants must have completed the Four-day Introduction to TSI training course.
  • Used TSI for over two years and able to share evidence of this
  • Be able to commit to co host/assist on a few courses over a number of months to build up experience whilst receiving support and feedback.

Training Content:

  • Participants will be required to attend an online meeting to discuss previous experience and plan steps going forward
  • There will be an invitation to assist on a number of courses
  • There will be a two-day course covering training resources and teaching techniques
For further information please get in touch to discuss details.

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