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We offer courses in:-

Training In Systematic Instruction (TSI)

This course is primarily aimed at those working within the field of Supported Employment. Turn-it-around has also delivered this course to those working in supported living, teachers, occupational therapists and others.

It is a four-day course based on the work of the late Dr Marc Gold who developed a system called “Try Another Way”. The course can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants.

TSI takes the approach that it is the responsibility of the trainer (and not the learner) to ensure the task in question is learnt. It makes no prior judgements on the learners ability to learn a task.

The course covers the three key elements of TSI, namely, Value Base, Oranisational Framework and Teaching Strategies.

Participants will amongst other things:

  • Have the opportunity to explore their own values as well as those underpinning TSI.

  • Learn how to analyse a task to create a task analysis.

  • Be taught a range of teaching techniques and how to use them.
  • Explore the nature of their role as a trainer, learning when and when not to intervene whilst ensuring the people they are supporting move towards independence.

  • The course offers the opportunity to practice skills learned, with paid consultant learners (learning disabled people). This element of the course is instrumental in consolidating the participants learning of TSI skills.

Job Analysis

This one-day course is aimed at Job Coaches who work within the field of Supported Employment and wish to develop their skills further in carrying out Job Analysis. The course looks not just at the skills required for a given task/job to be trained, but also the environment, work related considerations and the use of natural supports within the workplace.

Creating a Vocational Profile

A one-day course designed for supported employment staff or those referring to a supported employment service.

The aim of the course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to create an in depth vocational profile with and for each of the individuals they support. The course covers skills profiling, and the elements of a vocational profile and why it is important to follow a process and not just complete a form.

Job Carving Session for employers

Networking opportunities for employers to come together to learn about how they can create employment for people with learning disabilities within their organisations. The 2hour long events cover:

  • What is Job Carving?

  • Accessible selection and recruitment

  • Creating opportunities for job carving within an organisation

  • This session is often offered as a breakfast event.

Raising Expectations Course

A half-day course aimed at employers who provide either work experience placements or employment for people with learning disabilities. The purpose of the course is to assist employers/employees to raise their expectations of their work colleagues who have learning disabilities.

Mental Health Awareness

This is a basic awareness course aimed at those working with children and adults in a range of settings and who may come across some people who experience mental health issues. This course is designed to help participants identify those at risk, signs and symptoms, and give helpful strategies to employ. This course can be a one day or half a day and can be adapted to be bespoke to the setting. Those working in Education, Care/Support services or Customer service settings will benefit from this course.